Have you ever dreamed of aligning horses?

You can make your dream a reality.

Who is the BioKinetic Technique for?

Whether you are an equine therapist, veterinarian, horse owner, or just a person who likes awesome training, the BioKinetic Technique will help you:


  • Align horse's bones
  • Find the true underlying issues
  • Stop chronic horse pain and stiffness
  • Be able to discover the root of the problems
  • Realize your full potential as a healer
  • Be the one people to go for answers

Tucker BioKinetic Technique is the real deal!

One of the biggest reasons therapists don't succeed in fully helping a horse is because they haven't been taught how.

Most bodywork focuses on how to help a specific tissue type, such as muscles or fascia. Others focus more generally on tension. Adjunct therapies use laser, magnetics, red light, photonic, and lots more.

All these are helpful.  But if the skeleton itself is not aligned, it's like trying to push a boulder uphill.  You have to keep on pushing the boulder (doing the therapy).  If you stop, the boulder rolls right back to the bottom.

With Tucker BioKinetic, you get to the root cause and you'll be able to fix the problem.  Once and for all.  Imagine how happy your horses (and clients) will be!


"For the people who are interested in the seminar - I encourage you to attend and promise you that you will be totally blown away before lunch the first day! This technique is that powerful!!! I've studied lots of intense modalities - Renee's work is unique & astounding. The reason I want more people to take this course is because I want to recommend you to others - so many horses need this, & their owners, & dogs etc."

Nancy Horne
GreaterGoodRanch.com MMCP, CEMP

The TBT Seminar

The Tucker BioKinetic Technique can only be learned through hands-on practice. Seminars are open for registration twice per year.

Eight-student Seminar

In a single weekend, you and seven other students will discover the Tucker BioKinetic Technique.  Over 80% hands-on, Dr. Tucker will take you through the steps you need to fully align horses.  

Each day is approximately ten hours.  The Seminars are relaxed with no pressure.  However, the BioKinetic Technique requires a lot of mental focus, so the two days are also intense.  Sound a bit contradictory?  :)

Strange but true.  This Seminar is relaxed, intense, and awesome.

Space is extremely limited! Eight students per Seminar.

How the Seminars work

Tucker BioKinetic Seminars are taught over two days in the Los Angeles, California area.  It is 80% hands-on with only six students.  With such a premier group, Dr. Tucker is right there with you as you discover this new technique.

Tucker BioKinetic Seminars are typically scheduled only 4-5 times per year in Los Angeles.  There are a few international Seminars available as well.

As soon as Seminar is full, it will be closed.  We don't want you to miss your spot, so we encourage you to save your spot as soon as possible.

When you purchase your Seminar, you will immediately receive a confirmation email.  After that you will receive additional emails with specifics and travel information.

Only four to five Seminars per year in the US! Don't delay discovering what an amazing healer you can become.

"Dr. Tucker is amazing. From the first day of the Seminar I could see that she has so thoroughly, intelligently, and independently explored equine anatomy to such depths that she sees the big picture, the individual client profile, and everything in between. She has, with a touch of genius that I have not seen in any other method or practice of equine body work, distilled her experience and knowledge into practical and very effective application. "

Susan B.

What the Seminar Includes...


Discover BioKinetic Master Points, their functions (such as biomechanical, neurovascular, etc.), and how you engage them for healing.


Discover the correct motility of skeletal alignment.  You can think of motility as energetic movement.

When the body is not in alignment, the motility is skewed or may stop completely.  The Tucker BioKinetic Technique corrects the motility.


Discover how your hands can "listen" to what's happening with the body. You will be surprised at how well you can "hear" with BioKinetic.


Put it all together -- with pre and post diagnostic Body Checkups -- and you've aligned the horse.

Tucker BioKinetic Technique

Seminar highlights you'll be happy to hear about.

Taught by Dr. Tucker

You'll discover the BioKinetic Technique directly from its creator.  Some Seminars have volunteer Graduate assistants to help answer questions.

Eight students per Seminar

Very few Seminars are purposely kept small.  Only eight students means the best, personalized instruction.

All your questions will get answered swiftly.  As there are no auditors, you will receive Dr. Tucker's full attention.

80% Hands-on

Over 80% of your time will be spent practicing on horses.  There's not a lot of sitting at this Seminar.  Instead, there's lots of putting theory into action.

You'll work on calm horses who are patient and love attention.

Apply now! Seminar spots are extremely limited.

What is Tucker BioKinetic?

Tucker BioKinetic is an energetic alignment technique for horses.  Using the body's own mechanisms, it zooms-in on the primary, underlying issue to heal.

It is NOT reiki, tellington touch, masterson, acupressure or anything else it "looks" like.

Dr. Tucker created BioKinetic through her own experience, background, certifications, and healing prayer.

While Tucker BioKinetic aligns the body (including the skeleton), it is not considered a chiropractic technique.

What can you do with Tucker BioKinetic Technique?

Complete Skeletal Alignment

Target the primary CAUSE of misalignment 

Eliminate "muscle memory"


2018-2019 TBT Seminars


Los Angeles, CA:  January, March, June, September
Missouri:  November


Israel:  TBD
United Kingdom:  June
Australia:  April
New Zealand:  April
Poland:  June
Canada: July

Special Bonus

Special Bonus:  You will get ongoing mentoring from Dr.Tucker and experienced staff after the Seminar.

Sometimes when we leave a seminar, questions come up later as we're practicing.  That can be stressful as you're searching through your notes trying to find the answer.

But you won't be stressed because you can still ask Dr. Tucker, staff and fellow graduates.

How do you get this mentoring?

You will gain access to our private, TBT Level 1 Graduates Facebook group.


Seminar Tuition

The BioKinetic Technique Seminars are an investment that will change your life. Your bodywork will dramatically shift to a new level. You'll be able to correct all skeletal alignments and astound your clients with long-lasting results.




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PREREQUISITE: Online MasterClass

The Online MasterClass Level One is required to attend a Seminar or Mentorship. By learning the diagnostics in the MasterClass, all students will start on the same page.

*** Words from BioKinetic Graduates ***

Toni Horsley

Find out how Toni came for the 10% she needed, but left with more than she bargained for.


Tone Joergenson

Tone traveled from Norway to the BioKinetic Seminar.  She had never seen equine bodywork done like BioKinetic before.


Nancy Horne

Nancy from Montana has studied several modalities.  She explains how BioKinetic is different than anything she's seen before.

Charolette Rachal

Charolette will be using Tucker BioKinetic Technique on her own horses to keep them healthy and happy.


Cheryl Ash

Cheryl took her first-ever international trip to come to the BioKinetic Seminar.  Find out her thoughts.


"I watched with amazement as the horses I worked on under her instruction soften in the eyes, relax, and re-align - all with gentle, non-invasive and very well-informed touch. She demonstrated, explained, and listened equally to the horses and to me. As a Certified Equine Massage Therapist I was not satisfied with massage because I felt I was not helping the horses enough. Now I am confident that I have skills to help resolve structural issues instead of just soothe them. Committing to this seminar has been the best decision I have ever made to empower my practice and express my love for horses. Thank you Renee, for your generosity, dedication, patience, and unflagging focus. It has been a great pleasure working with you!"

Susan Bartfay
Blue Ribbon Equine

About Dr. Tucker

Dr. Renee Tucker received her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN.

Dr. Tucker added her Certification for Animal Chiropractic (CAC) in 1998, and her Acupuncture certification in 2000. Dr. Tucker started her own private practice specializing exclusively in equine acupuncture and chiropractic work in 2000.

“How things work” has always been a question that Dr. Tucker has tried to answer. Prior to receiving her veterinary degree, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering. This unique combination of veterinarian and engineer has enabled her to create a special approach for helping owners with their horses.

Dr. Tucker developed the BioKinetic Technique in 2003 and has been happily healing horses ever since.

"It's Impossible," said pride. "It's risky," said experience. "It's pointless." said reason. "Give it a try." whispered the heart.