Want Dr. Tucker to Speak at An Event?

Dr. Tucker loves spreading the word about Tucker BioKinetic Technique. She is always looking for great opportunities to join events and speak or give a demonstration of TBT. 

Do you know of or run a horse or body worker symposium, conference or fair? Would you love to add Dr. Tucker to your lists of speakers? 


Details to Consider

Something to keep in mind: Dr. Tucker’s favorite part of attending conferences is being able to demonstrate what Tucker BioKinetic Technique can do. If able, please try to schedule time for her to demonstrate on a horse during the engagement.

  • Events should expect 100 or more people to attend
  • Travel expenses are required if event if further than 200 miles from Los Angeles, CA
  • The speaking fee is waived if Dr. Tucker will be demonstrating on a horse
  • Media kit including hi-resolution photographs, and biography will be sent once the speaking engagement is confirmed.

Please shoot us an email at: [email protected] and let us know! We can work something out and get Dr. Tucker to your awesome event.


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