TBT University FAQ's

TBT University's goal is to empower horse people to align horses, while enabling them to discover the primary cause of WHY there is a misalignment in the first place.

Through online videos, in-person horse seminars, assessments and case reports, students discover how to align every aspect of the horse.

Students also learn primary cause analysis so they can help the true, underlying cause of the symptoms.

TBT (Tucker BioKinetic Technique) falls under the "energy work" umbrella.  However, it does not mean using a lot of physical energy.  Nor does it mean you push your energy into the horse.

TBT works with the horse's biomechanical and neurophysical regulators to coax the system back to normal baseline.

It is easy on both the horse and the practitioner's body.  While difficult to explain, horse owners aren't concerned about 'what it is' once they see 'what it does'.  TBT results are fantastic.  :)

TBT University has five modules.  Three of the modules have hands-on seminars where you learn the Tucker BioKinetic Technique on live horses.

There are no time constraints with TBT university.  You can take as long as you like to finish.  Some people prefer to do only Module I, which teaches the Body Checkups and basic horse assessments.

Others stop after Module II, which teaches skeletal alignment.  Yes, after module II you will be able to fully align the horse's skeleton.  After completing the Module II Case Reports and required PCAs, you'll earn the title of Skeletal Alignment Specialist.

If you choose to continue with TBT University, you'll learn advanced alignment techniques.  Six months practice is required between Modules II and IV.  Another six months practice is required between Modules IV and V.  

So if you're in a rush, you can finish TBT U in about one year (depending on course availability).  We recommend you take all the time you need to master each level.

No anatomical experience is required.  It's helpful to know the basics, such as where are the hock and stifle.  However as long as you're willing to learn basic anatomy, that's all you need.   

Dr. Tucker does not use scientific jargon unless absolutely necessary.  So it's not difficult to follow along in the Modules.

When you purchase Module II, IV, or V, the purchase price includes the seminar.  The Modules also include additional content and sometimes additional products. 

Immediately after purchase, you'll receive an email.  The email will ask you to contact [email protected] to specify which seminar you would like to attend.  We do our best to get back to you within two to five business days.

We do have a limited number of payment plans.  Application and setup for payment plans is $50usd (non-refundable).  The payment plans have monthly payments; must be completed 45 days before seminars; and are billed with approximately 10% interest.  Refunds are similar to "terms and conditions", however no refunds on interest portion of payments.  Please email [email protected] to apply.

Yes, we have some dates available for prospective hosts.  Please contact [email protected] for requirements and benefits for hosting.

You can find a list of TBT certified Practitioners here: TBT Practitioners

Yes, you can mail personal checks, cashier's checks, or money orders to:  PO Box 4134, Burbank, CA  91503.

We also accept paypal payments to friends, venmo, direct deposit, etc.  Please contact support if you have a different method of preferred payment.

Yes! We offer CE units through GCEMA (Global Center for Energetic Modulation and Accreditation).

Do you teach seminars?

Yes, check out our seminar page to see if one is near you!

TBT Seminars

Do you still work on horses?

Yes! Dr. Tucker takes appointments for horses within and near the Los Angeles California area. She is sometimes willing to travel further if there are a number of horses in one area that need work. Please see our appointment page for more information.

Dr. Tucker Appointments

I just have a question about my horse, can I email you?

Yes and no. :) Dr. Tucker is incredibly busy traveling, working on horses and teaching seminars and sadly doesn't have time to just answer emails all day. 

However, you are not out of luck! Dr. Tucker does offer Case Consult Packages that might be JUST what you're looking for. Check them out below.

Case Consult Packages

Seminar Travel Details

LA Area Seminars:

  • Venue: Seminars are held at a few different stables.  All are located in the Sunland/Sylmar general area.  This is northeast of Los Angeles city.
  • Airports: Burbank airport (BUR) is closest to the venue locations.  Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) may be more economical.   Keep in mind that during peak travel times, it will take over 2 hours to drive from LAX to venue area.
  • Getting around: Because the venues are not in the metropolitan area, there are no bus or subways that go out to the venue.  Therefore renting a car is a good idea.  Another option is taking Uber/Lyft.  


Seminar Travel Details Cont.

USA & International Seminars:

  • Location: An exact location will be emailed to you prior to the seminar with directions.
  • Accommodations: AirBnBs, BnBs, and hotels will be your best options. Please use Google to find the best one to fit your needs.
  • What to Bring: A Seminar notebook is provided with ample space for writing.  You might want to bring your favorite pen.  Other than that, just bring you.
  • What to Wear: We are outside most of the time, so please dress accordingly. Layers are best. As we are working directly with horses, please make certain you wear appropriate footwear. Bring a rain coat just incase. 
  • Other Details: Lunch is provided at all of our seminars for both days. You will be sent an email prior to any seminar with more details including a location, directions, and the host's contact information should you lost on your way. 



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