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Is this MasterClass for you?

The MasterClass is part of Module I within Tucker BioKinetic University.

If you are planning to purchase Module I, and would like to know more about the MasterClass, please watch this video and hopefully all of your "is this right for me?" questions will be answered.



What's in the Masterclass?

Discover the twelve main Body Checkups as found in "Where Does My Horse Hurt?" Join and make friends in our private Facebook group.

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Basic Lessons

Short and to-the-point, Dr. Tucker's Checkup videos explain anatomy, function and "how-to" simply and easily.

Ninja Extras

In our private Facebook group, Dr. Tucker answers more complex questions.  You'll also see 'ninja' secrets and live horse demos.

Personalized Feedback

Upload your videos to our private Facebook group.  Dr. Tucker and staff encourage your work and make suggestions with quick feedback. 


Share what you discover with your friends

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Do you know what to do?

The MasterClass teaches you how to evaluate your horse's body. You'll know immediately where problems are stemming from.

As you discover the Checkups in this MasterClass, you will have the tools to find any problems. You'll be able to stop guessing; stop asking everyone for advice; stop paying professionals for unneeded consultations.

For example, let's say your horse has consistently drops his shoulder. Well, you could call your vet to see if the shoulder has pain or arthritis. With this class, YOU can evaluate the shoulder so that you won't have to call the vet.

Or you could consult your trainer to see if there are any exercises you can do to help the shoulder. With this class, YOU can evaluate the shoulder, so that you don't have to consult the trainer about exercises if that's not the problem.

Resolve Worry

Ever worry that what you're doing for your horse isn't working?  How do you know? You can discover how to find out with the Body Checkups. 

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Stop joint injections

In the US, joint injections often are the first "go-to"for offness or performance issues.  But they're not the answer.  Joint injections are just a "bandaid".  You can find the real cause.

Solve horse behavior issues

What if your horse's behavior problems aren't "in his head?" What if he doesn't need more training?  You can be the one to help your horse.

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Be the one people call for advice.

Join the MasterClass in Module I

What Are Equine Body Checkups?


The surest way to know what is going on with your horse.


In the book, "Where Does My Horse Hurt?", Dr. Tucker shares how she checks every horse each day in her practice.  Detailed with step-by-step, easy to follow directions, horse owners from around the world have discovered how to check their own horse for body (and behavior!) issues.

Every joint in the horse has specific ways of moving that should be pain-free.  Dr. Tucker shares how to find out if your horse is comfortable and able to move freely.

In this online MasterClass, Dr. Tucker show you how to do these Checkups. And guess what? YOU get to upload your videos (optional) of you doing the Checkups for feedback.  It's the closest thing to Dr. Tucker looking over your shoulder and helping you learn.

The MasterClass covers the 12 Checkups of the body, head, neck, and pelvis, including the shoulder.


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Courtney Kelly

Horse Trainer

It's frustrating being a horse trainer when you can't get your horses to be healthy and happy.   I tried everything but when I tried Dr. Tucker it was like a big door opened.

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Patsy Gilman

Horse owner and wife of veterinarian

I'll admit I was skeptical.  I found it hard to believe Dr. Tucker's gentle BioKinetic method would work when nothing else had.  Now I believe it.  She's now my "go-to" person for my horse.

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Patty Lamson

Horse Owner

I was almost to the end of my rope when I stumbled on Dr. Tucker through her book, "Where Does My Horse Hurt?"  I had five horses that were mostly unrideable and untrainable.  Dr. Tucker's BioKinetic method helped immensely!  I highly recommend her training.

What does the MasterClass include?

Here's what to expect when you join...

1)  You will immediately receive a welcome email with your private link to the closed Facebook group.  Be sure to watch the Welcome video for your first (easy) challenge.  

2)  Each week for four weeks your Online Library will  "get a deposit" of Body Checkups videos.  You can go at your own pace, and watch at any time.  These videos never go away.  You have access to them forever.

3)  Whenever you'd like feedback on your own Checkups, simply upload your video to the Facebook group.  You may also post to youtube, vimeo, dropbox, etc. or email your Checkups.  Dr. Tucker or her highly-trained staff will comment on each one, and answer any questions you may have.

4)  There are bonus quizzes and Ninja Tip videos for you too! 

5)  Any questions about the MasterClass?  Please email [email protected]

Join the MasterClass in Module I!

Students are loving the MasterClass! "Just wanted to say that your course, and I’ve hardly managed to even look at most of it yet, is brilliant, and inspiring, and thank you so much!"
--Sue P. from UK

Join the MasterClass in Module I