What are the best vitamins for horses?

Vitamins that don't come in a bucket.

Why do we expect horse vitamins to come in a bucket?

The horse supplement industry has conditioned us to expect horse vitamins to come in a bucket, or a very large container. I guess because horses are large.

The problem with "bucket" vitamins is they are mostly filler.  If you take out the filler, there's not enough vitamins left to fill a bucket.  And that doesn't appear to have value.

The second problem with "bucket" vitamins is they only are only required to be animal-grade quality by the USDA.  That means most of them are unabsorbable by our horses.

This is very similiar to the human vitamin market.  You may already know that vitamins sold in the grocery store are useless.  Independent studies have shown them to have zero absorbability.  Our body views grocery store vitamins as rocks.  You have to buy good quality, bio-absorbable vitamins to help your body.

Same with the horses.  

So...why not buy human grade vitamins for the horses?  That's what I do.  I recommend Standard Process vitamins for horses (and I take them too.)

Regular vitamins/minerals

These products are recommended for every horse, except as specified below.

Standard Process Catalyn

Best "multi-vitamin" product on the market.  Why shouldn't your horse have the best?  Give 3 tablets per day.

Organically Bound Minerals

Excellent minerals immediately available to the body.  Give 1 tablet per day.

Trace Minerals - B12

Gives the rest of the missing trace minerals.  Give 2 tablets per week.

Dynamite Selenium

Recommended for every horse *except* if you live in a high selenium in the soil area.  Selenium added to feed bags is not enough.  Use as directed on bag.

How to get these products

To purchase Dynamite products, please purchase from your local Dynamite distributor, or order online here:  www.DynamiteSpecialty.com

To purchase Standard Process products, please purchase from your local distributor.   If you do not have one, please contact us at [email protected] and we will get you setup to purchase online.


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