TBT graduates have a variety of backgrounds:


27% Massage/Masterson

19% Horse Owner (no prior therapeutic training)

16% Miscellaneous or multiple modalities

14% Horse Trainer

10% Farrier/Trimmer

5% Chiropractor

5% MD/Naturopath/DVM

4% Acupuncturist

What we require from our students:

  • Physically able to work safely around horses
  • Experience with riding and/or working safely around horses
  • Positive outlook and energy
  • Primary goal is to help the horse and owner

Where our graduates are from:

United States, Canada, Ireland, Wales, England, South Africa, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Poland, and more!

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What our graduates are saying:

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Tone J, Norway 

"This has been beyond what I imagined. So overwhelmed with the technique and Dr. Tucker who teaches and is very friendly. And we all get to see results so quickly."

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Toni H, Australia

"My expectations have been greatly exceeded. Renee is a fantastic teacher. She explains things very, very clearly and in lots of different ways. The method itself is mind-blowing. I found myself being able to fix those problems lots of horses have that I haven't been able to do before."

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Nancy H, USA

The work is different than anything I've studied or taken or tried. It's amazing. The differences with the horses you can tell immediately."

"I came for the 10% I knew I was missing....and I found 90% I didn't even know I could do."

--Toni Horsley, Australia


"I'd never left Australia before, but I did for TBT ... it was definitely worth it."

--Cheryl Ash, Australia


"This technique is beyond what I imagined."

--Tone Joergensen, Norway


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