Everything you need to KNOW to keep your horse healthy & avoid tragic problems


Don't rely on common horse owner knowledge, the internet, or even experts to keep your horse healthy. 


I'll teach YOU how to determine the best care for your horse, based on the real design of a horse, not theory. If you've ever experienced "experts" telling you confusing or contradicting information, THIS will clear it all up!


‚ėÖ¬†When you learn the main science and thought processes you can¬†feel certain¬†about¬†what to do (and why), for your horse's health.

‚ėÖ¬†You'll not only save yourself heartbreak, but also¬†thousands of dollars (seriously!) by avoiding... laminitis, navicular, kissing spine, EOTRH, sacroiliac issues, suspensory ligament issues, diarrhea, fly allergies, skin issues, colic, and more!

‚ėÖ Plus you'll¬†save costs on knowing what supplements to give, and help your horse by not over-supplementing¬†and straining digestion.

Ready to relieve yourself of stress? 


In my 30 years of healing horses, I've uncovered truths about prevention.


Hi, I'm Dr. Renee Tucker, seasoned equine vet and creator of the healing modality, the TuckerBioKinetic Technique (TBT).

I've been healing horses for over 3 decades and what I've learned about the causes of common ailments and fatal issues are surprising. 

Not only is what you learn through common horse owner knowledge or the internet, not necessarily the best thing for your horse, but I've even learned through experience, that (some things) I was taught in Vet school, turned out to be the opposite. 

I have a whole university dedicated to healing horses, but now I'm telling you what you need to know to care for them the right way and PREVENT these issues from happening in the first place. 

Sadly, the leading cause of death in horses is Colic and in my work, I've discovered how this is completely preventable.  There are constant truths here that you'll need to know even when you hire expert help. 

The knowledge and recommendations I make throughout this easy-to-follow video course are based on what I've found working on horses with all kinds of issues and diagnoses. 

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There are 5 keystones for perfect health and I lovingly refer to them as 5 "horse health happiness" areas.

Teeth, feet, bodywork, diet & management, and accessories (such as supplements, dewormer, vaccines, etc) all work together! 


Here's what you'll uncover:


Don't get caught with a lame horse or any other potential condition. You may feel like you're doing it right by hiring an expert, but unfortunately, even they have minimal knowledge and just one screw-up could derail your horse's health. I'll teach you what you need to know and cover:

  • Shoes vs. Barefoot
  • What should the trim look like?
  • Best trimming philosophy
  • The goal of trimming...hoof angles, frog shape, toe length, heel size?
  • Cause of most laminitis
  • Cause of most navicular
  • Contracted heels and what to do about them
  • Questions to ask your farrier/trimmer
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Diet, Environment, Movement 

Most horse owners (and even society) don't know what horses need to thrive: what they need to eat, what they need to do, and how they need to be cared for.  Knowing this will have your horse, at a healthy weight with a nice shiny coat, and avoid potential health problems.  I'll share:

  • Ideal horse environment, and how to create yours
  • Why horses need to move and how much?
  • Best diet for horses, including light vs heavy work
  • Is grain a good idea? If so, how much?
  • Ideas for when you don't have total control of your horse's environment (ie boarding)
  • Why the horse's gut needs specific diet & management
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Horses don't use their teeth like humans do and if they don't have correct dentistry, they won't be able to digest well. Some dentist's tools can even mess up chewing and then they won't eat as much. Here's what I'll cover in this section:

  • How horses use their teeth (not like humans!)
  • Top 3 things to look for in a dental professional¬†
  • What proprioception has to do with dentistry
  • Bonus: avoid EOTRH (equine odontoclastic tooth reabsorption and hypercementosis)
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Without regular checkups and alignment, your horse may compensate (and go unnoticed) leading to overuse and major issues. I'll teach you:

  • What is bodywork
  • When to use bodywork
  • How bodywork affects the teeth
  • What is energy work
  • How does one type of energy work differ from another
  • How misalignment of the head (atlas) can cause headaches
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Accessories = additional items we give horses in the name of health.

Giving horses what you're "supposed to" might not be the best thing and I'll help you better understand when I cover:

  • What supplements to give
  • What vitamins and minerals are needed, which are optional
  • Probiotics/Prebiotics, do horses need these?
  • Dewormer, the good the bad the crazy
  • Vaccinations pros and cons
  • Medications, how they are processed, and how they affect the horse
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I answered unique Q's from students, LIVE so you get even more support.


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