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Energy Bodywork for Equine Healing

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Developed by equine veterinarian Renee Tucker, the Tucker BioKinetic Technique solves horse problems that are considered unsolvable.  


Work with the horse's own immune system, biomechanical feedback loops, and neurovasculature mechanisms to heal your horse or the horses you work with.  

Horse owners & horse practitioners from all over the world are healing horses with TBT.

Our graduates come with a wide variety of backgrounds like Massage/Mastersons, Horse Owners with no prior therapeutic training, Horse Trainers, Farrier/Trimmers, Chiropractors, MD/Naturopath/DVMs, and Acupuncturists and are located all over the world.

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"The work is different than anything I've studied or taken or tried. It's amazing. The differences with the horses you can tell immediately."


Dr. Renee Tucker 

Creator of the Tucker BioKinetic Technique

Almost every day I get an email from someone who is desperate for help with their horse. They've usually exhausted all the usual routes, and cannot find answers.

My first five years as an equine veterinarian left me shocked by what I could NOT help with. At first, I thought I just needed more experience, or mentoring, or continuing education. But no. What I found out by searching for that traditional medicine does not have those answers.

To help my clients, I've learned chiropractic, acupuncture, reiki, Rolfing, T-touch, massage, myofascial, and more. What's interesting is that all of these techniques help to some extent.  But not always. And not every patient. I wondered why that was.

I finally figured out how to heal issues like Suspensory, Arthritis, Phantom Lameness, Bucking, Stiffness, and the list goes on.

Each horse is unique and TBT works with each horse individually. What makes this technique different than anything else, is that we first get to the bottom of the horse's issue with primary cause analysis, and then we use a two-handed deep energetic touch to almost instantly restore the horse to optimal health and vitality. 

Tucker BioKinetic University allows you to learn this technique hands-on both virtually and in-person to help your own horse or become a master practitioner. 

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We have TBT Master Practitioners and Skeletal Alignment Specialists in many parts of the world.



Understand and heal energetic alignment of horses through online modules as well as hands-on seminars at the accredited Tucker BioKinetic University.

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Want to start by learning how to heal a suspensory, fix ulcers for good, or discover 50 horse secrets your vet doesn't even know? 



FREE TBT Taster Series

Learn how to stop "fixing" compensations and finally get to the primary cause!

In this free video series, Dr. Tucker will show you what is going wrong and how to know why so you can start healing the horse for good. 


"I have a horse with some issues and have always thought that the root cause was stiffness in the shoulder, My vet didn't agree with me but I applied your methods and was stunned by the result. It's wonderful to now have another approach to add to my toolbox, Thank you, Les Rees"