We are always looking for amazing people to host our TBT Seminars

We rely on our hosts to help us coordinate facilities in areas we are not local to. This allows us to get TBT into areas with people who may otherwise not be able to travel to attend them.

If you are interested in possibly hosting a seminar, please see the requirements below:

Host Requirements & Information

Our amazing hosts help us with a number a things to insure our seminars are of the highest quality:

  • Understand that our seminars are limited space. We must have a minimum of six (6) paid attendees to hold a seminar. Our seminars have a maximum participation of eight (8) attendees.
  • Help arrange for a location to hold the seminar (stables that can accommodate the horses/people attending). These locations have included in the past, local individual’s stables that have the required number of horses for the seminar, local horse therapy or horse rescue barns that want their horses helped with TBT. 
  • The venue needs to have a place for students & horses to get out of the rain/bad weather so the seminar can continue. 
  • There must be spaces to tie horses separately so they can be worked on by students during the seminar safely.
  • Seven (7) to nine (9) horses to be worked over both days of the seminar. All horses are checked after students work on them by Dr. Tucker and they receive a full TBT alignment. All horses used during the seminar require two (2) days off work after the seminar to allow the work to settle in. 
  • Help arranging for morning coffee/tea/snacks and afternoon lunch. Payment for these items are covered by Tucker BioKinetic, however we ask the host to set up/arrange for either a lunch to be catered, or find a place that takeout can be delivered in. 
  • The host is typically able to offer accommodation suggestions (nearby hotels/Bed and Breakfasts) for the attending students as well as Dr. Tucker and are willing to answer area questions.

What you get:

We offer our hosts their choice of one of the following for helping us with our seminar:

  1. Get 50% off host’s seminar tuition fee as long as the seminar has six (6) or more students (including the host).
    Value of: $1,125.00 usd

  2. Get 8 Consult Cases (no expiration date).    May be transferred.
    Value of: $1,950

Interested in Hosting?

If this seems like something you are interested in or you have more questions, email us at:
[email protected] or click here to contact us.




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