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Where Can I find a Tucker BioKinetic Technique (TBT) Practitioner?

We have TBT practitioners around the world.  Please see TBT Practitioners

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Can Dr. Tucker work on my horse?

Dr. Tucker takes appointments for horses within the Los Angeles, California area.  She is sometimes available for more distant locations, depending on the number of horses.  Please contact us at above email for more information.

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Can I email Dr. Tucker with a question about my horse?

Yes and no.  Dr. Tucker is incredibly busy traveling, working on horses and teaching seminars.  

However, you are not out of luck.  Dr. tucker does offer Case Consult Packages that just might be what you're looking for.  Click above image for more info.

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Do you have free horse health articles?

Yes.   We love helping horse people.  Please see or click above image.

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