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TBT Senior Instructors

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Toni Horsley

Senior Instructor

Toni Horsley is an equine therapist, TBT Master Practitioner and Senior Instructor and currently practices in the Southern Highlands and Sydney, Australia.

Toni’s healing journey began at the young age of 17 with a Reiki course, which then ignited a passion for learning all methods of healing and since then she has been learning a multitude of human and equine modalities. Much of her career has been spent working with people as a massage therapist and healer prior to switching to her other passion - horses. She has been working solely with horses since 2010.

When Toni met Dr. Tucker in 2017 and learned the Tucker Biokinetic Technique, she felt as though she had found the missing puzzle piece and began integrating TBT into her work. The results were immediately staggering and long lasting and since then Toni has enjoyed a hugely successful career helping and healing horses.

In Toni’s words:

"Learning TBT was a pivotal point in my entire healing career. It brought everything full circle for me. When I think of the many many modalities I have learnt, they were all very good and had wonderful benefits, but none touched so deeply and changed so much, so quickly and permanently.

This technique is simply the most extraordinary, simple and powerful technique I have ever come across. Dr Tucker is a wonderful mentor and the TBT University program is incredibly supportive throughout the whole learning process."


Julie Lewandowski

Senior Instructor

Julie has been a Physical Therapist for over 30 years, and is also a TBT Master Practitioner and Reiki Master. She works and lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

She has worked with a wide variety of human clients over the years, focusing primarily on understanding and treating pain and restoring spine alignment. When her own horse had an injury, she redirected her efforts and began learning how to do the same for horses.

Julie spent years chasing pain and recurring restrictions, and she wanted that to stop. When she was first introduced to Dr. Tucker, she caught my attention by speaking about finding and resolving primary cause in problems. Using Tucker Biokinetic Technique, she has been able to facilitate changes in her human patients and horse clients that she wasn’t able to do before. TBT has made her sessions more enjoyable, effective, and has reignited her passion for healing.

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Julie Hanly

Senior Instructor

Julie Hanly lives in the UK in the county of Surrey.
She has been with horses for most of her life. Julie loves their energy and giving nature that they are so willing to share.
Julie was always someone that noticed things going on with her horses, like a feeling of something not quite right. One eye higher than the other, looking odd when circling, a funny step into canter, biting when doing up the girth and thinking oh well its just him! It is not just anything...
The day came when her beautiful horse Amber was at a point (with the knowledge she had then) where she couldn’t save her. It broke her heart when she passed away. 
Julie asked herself, "could I have helped her, could I have done more?"
These questions led her to where she is now. Always looking for answers to questions.
On her journey so far, she has gained knowledge from, Touch for Health Kinesiology, Sound Therapy, Transvibrational Tracking, ANCH in Horticulture (herbal Knowledge), Equine Facilitated Learning, Masterson Method, and now Tucker BioKinectic Technique is bringing everything together for in a Holistic way, looking at the whole horse.
With what she knows now, Julie believes that she could have change the outcome for Amber, but had that not happened, she may not be where she is today.
She is always looking for more answers so there will always be more to learn and the journey continues.