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Here's what students are saying:


"Was such a great experience learning amazing technique healing horses.  Thanks so much for your wonderful explanation and sharing your expertise with us."    -- Cheryl A.


"That was awesome ... and amazing ... and so much more.  Thank you Dr. Tucker for making it possible to learn your technique, suffice to say the results are staggering and speak for themselves.  The fact that you are able to teach us is such a blessing."   -- Toni H.


"Reading the book and taking the online class made me have great expectations, but this was beyond...this was awesome.  Thank you Dr. Tucker for being such a wonderful teacher and a true professor in what you do."  -- Tone J.


"Dr. Tucker, this class was truly incredible!  Your knowledge and way of teaching is terrific!  The power of energy work amazes me and I am so greatful that you are out there sharing this with horse people everywhere."  -- Marce O.

Stats from TBT Graduates:


97%   Found jobs, if they wanted one.


84%  Raised their fees by 15% or more within one year.


82%  Got increased client referrals, due to excellent results.


48%  Have more work than they can handle.


From Dr. Renee Tucker -- "What I most want TBT Graduates to have is:

  • All the knowledge and skills they need to be great at helping horses.
  • Support available to them, even after graduation.

Almost everyday I get an email from someone who is desperate for help with their horse.  They've usually exhausted all the usual routes, and cannot find answers.

If you love solving people's problems, getting horses out of pain, and want to make a good living while enjoying what you're doing, I hope you'll become part of the TBT family."  -- Renee Tucker, DVM

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One common question from our graduates is "How to explain what I do?"

From TBT Master Practitioner Toni Horsley:

Am I a Chiropractor?  

This is a question I get asked all the time.  The simple answer is no, I am not trained as an equine chiropractor.  In Australia only vets and human chiropractors can study to be an equine chiropractor.  So what exactly do I do, you may ask?


My main modality is the Tucker Biokinetic Technique or TBT is the short version.  I have also studied extensively with Jim Masterson and was his main instructor in Australia for 5 years.  Prior to that I have taken a multitude of courses including equine biomechanics, myofascial release, laser and red light therapy.... the list goes on and on.  And prior to all of that I conducted a successful remedial and sports massage therapy practise in Sydney for 20 years.


So, back to TBT.  After working with horses for several years I was getting frustrated when I kept coming across the same restrictions again and again.  I found I was able to help horses tremendously in a session, they would relax beautifully and have huge releases but often when I returned for a follow up visit, the original issues would have re-appeared.  So I knew I was helping them, but I wasn’t FIXING them.  This frustration led me to the USA to attend a course with Dr Renee Tucker in 2016 to learn TBT.  This was a level 1 course, where we learned skeletal alignment.  


Dr Tucker is an Equine Veterinarian, Equine Chiropractor and Equine Acupuncturist.  Over the course of 20 years, she developed the technique that aligns the entire body, emotions and mind of the horse.  


This course was a life changer for me.  I will never forget feeling for the first time being able to release the lumbar spine, when it simply ‘let go’ under my hand, it brought tears to my eyes, literally.  This is an area of tension that so many horses suffer from and that I had continually struggled to release, and there it was, re-aligning and all tension dissolving under my touch.


We learned how to align the entire skeleton of the horse.  It is different from chiropractic work.  It is subtle, it is gentle, it is energetic, it is relaxing.  And the horses love it.  It looks like nothing, it requires very little pressure and above all it works.  It takes 48 hours for the horse’s body to fully re-align and sometimes there are primary causes that need to be addressed before this completely happens.  However, in most cases, the results are instant and horses literally change before our eyes.  


Since that first course, I have travelled again to the USA and have studied extensively with Dr Tucker and assisted her on several courses.  I am proud to call myself a TBT Master Practitioner, currently the only one in Australia.

So no, I am not a chiropractor.  I am many things, a bodyworker, a therapist, a healer.

Benefits for our students

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Client Referrals

  • Our Graduates are listed on the Where Does My Horse Hurt website for people searching for TBT Practitioners.
  • We refer our graduates to people who email looking for local TBT Practitioners.
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Continued Support Available

  • Free Facebook Support (Mod II)
  • TBT Tips (Mod IV)
  • TBT Mastermind (Mod V)
  • Case Consults (any level)
  • TBT Bi-annual Event (coming soon)
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Ambassador Program

  • Available for graduates of Mod IV and V only.
  • Share the TBT MasterClass in your local area with demonstrations or other methods.
  • Receive compensation for MasterClass purchases.

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