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What Does My Horse Want

How to get Yes/No answers from your horse using energy work 



If you're a horse owner or work with horses, I'm sure you're familiar with this scenario: 


Something is wrong with your horse! 

You notice symptoms of allergies, stiffness, arthritis, performance issues or even unusual behavior. 

And so your search for answers begins ...

After Googling and asking around:

The internet is full of possibilities.
The Vet has an opinion and a potential solution. 
Fellow horse workers and anyone who sees your horse have opinions and potential solutions. 
Your friends ALWAYS have opinions

You'll hear "just do this" or "just buy that". 

They all sound like something worth trying! They make sense and could be helpful.

Overwhelm sets in as you're left with too many ideas, and decisions to be made on how to start this trial and error process. 

You may even wonder if it's worth trying anything at all.

In fact, maybe the problem will just resolve itself? 

Wish you could just ask your horse? 

Trial and error methods are exhausting. 


🚫 You don't have to keep wasting so much time, money, and resources on trying to solve your horse's problems or getting stuck feeling hopeless. 

🚫 You don't have to worry if you're heading down the wrong rabbit hole, prolonging suffering for your horse, or even causing new issues.

You can know the best choice the 1st time. And you can get it 'straight from the horses' mouth,' 

Well –sorta ...


I'll teach you how to get energetic answers from your horse 

Using energy, you can get feedback from your horse that will signify a Yes/No response to the question you have. 

Even if you've never worked with energy before, that's okay, anyone can do this!


Hi! I'm Dr. Renee Tucker 

If you would have told me I'd be doing something that looks like "energy-work", I would have said you were crazy.  Completely crackers!

As a holistic veterinarian, certified in chiropractic and acupuncture with a degree in bioengineering, my frustration with the lack of healing techniques out there was what led me to energy work. 

Before we really understand how anything works it seems crazy! We see each other on video calls from across the country and can watch shows streaming through our televisions. We may not understand exactly how it works, but it does! And it's all about energy and frequencies. 

I've used energy work to develop the Tucker BioKinetic Technique (TBT) and for years, I've been traveling the world, teaching as many healers as possible my techniques so we can collectively heal our horses. 

I'm excited to share with you how this works in this course so you too can get answers. 

You'll be able to find out from your horse the answers to questions like: Are you getting enough to eat? Does your saddle fit? Do you understand the training lesson? Do you get enough sleep? Are you in pain? Would this help? Are you bothered by something in your environment? 

This is not animal communication so you won't be having a full conversation with your horse, you'll be able to determine if your horse is responding with a "yes" or "no" to your question so you free yourself from any worries you have!


 What Does My Horse Want? 


What's Inside:

  • Easy to Digest Mini Video Lessons to Understand the Techquine 
  • Practice Time to Develop Your Skills
  • Workbooks for Extra Guidance 
  • 3-Week Jumpstart Journal (pdf download)



Answers to Your Questions

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