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Finally Know How to Fully Heal Horses


The Tucker BioKinetic Technique (TBT) Training is for you if:

🐎   You own a horse and want the knowledge to help your horse yourself when you know something is wrong ... even when others dismiss your concerns

🐎   You already work with horses using other modalities and want to add this unique practice to your skillset so you can get results you didn't even know you could

🐎   You have ZERO prior experience and want to start a new career in horse healing using this revolutionary technique

What are we missing when it comes to healing horses?


>>> Traditional Medicine just doesn't provide all the solutions our horses need, leaving many issues and conditions to only be "managed".

>>> Bodywork & Alternative Healing Modalities, while super helpful, tend to treat symptoms but ignore primary causes leading to the continued need for therapy.

And it's stressful, expensive and frustrating when the horses are not healthy and happy and performing the way you want to. 


With TBT, you can create instantaneous long-lasting change in a horse


When you know how to use the Tucker BioKinetic Technique, you can:

  • Fully heal horse issues and problems that are usually considered 'only manageable' or a 'training problem'

  • Get to the bottom of why the horse is this way and heal that 
  • See an instant change in the horse using a 2 handed energetic technique you can't learn anywhere else 

  • Make horses and horse owners happy

  • Avoid sleepless nights worrying about the horse's pain and condition

  • Become the most sought after horse healer in your area

  • Command higher fees for your services when you yield better results than anything you've tried before

  • Save thousands on Vet & Chiro bills for your own horse


Find out what learning TBT has done for Serena,
ranch hand turned Master TBT Practitioner



Developed by Dr. Renee Tucker

Learn the BioKinetic Technique directly from its creator

Hi! I'm Dr. Renee Tucker 

I'm excited to teach you my secrets that you won't hear from anyone else. This is not taught in veterinarian, chiropractic, or any other school.

It is NOT reiki, Tellington touch, Masterson, acupressure, chiropractic, or anything else it "looks" like.

As a seasoned equine vet and holistic bodyworker, I spent years using both traditional and alternative medicines to help horses only to find they would continue to need help or were not helped to the extent I hoped for.

After much frustration with the lacking of healing techniques out there, my previous experience and degree in bioengineering helped me to more deeply analyze injuries and training problems and led me to develop the Tucker BioKinetic Technique.

What makes TBT different than any other modality is that it gets to the primary (underlying) cause of a horses' issue and uses a 2 handed touch to realign the horse.

TBT is an energetic alignment technique that engages BioKinetic MasterPoints to "coax" the bones of the horse to realign correctly. A very gentle treatment, horses love it.  

Using this technique, we can now help horses actually heal from issues like chronic lameness, back soreness, repetitive misalignments, stiffness, and performance hindrances.

For years, I've been traveling the world, teaching as many healers as possible my technique so we can collectively heal the horses of the world. I'm excited to share this now with you!

TBT Curriculum & Upcoming Seminar Dates

To become a TBT Master Practitioner, you must complete all 5 Modules. Each module builds on the last and are made up of online study (video lessons) and seminars. All work must be approved before progressing.  

Seminars are 2-Day Hands-On learning which can be done virtually or in person. Seminar dates are listed below and we are always adding new dates.  

You can begin your journey anytime. Please keep in mind you'll need time to complete Mod I prior to taking a Mod II Seminar

TBT Discovery


In this module, you'll learn all about equine primary cause analysis so you can stop wasting time, money and energy treating the compensations and find out what's really causing the horse's issue. 

  • We'll explore the clues horses give us through their behavior, movement, feet, and body asymmetry 
  • You'll learn how to use these clues as a guide so you can then discover the real issue to work with and where the horse may be experiencing a misalignment 
  • You'll also get the TBT Body Checkup MasterClass: based on the book, Where Does My Horse Hurt?  You'll use these checkups to physically evaluate the horse's body before working on them and again after Module II to see if you've corrected the alignment.
  • Once your MasterClass videos are uploaded and approved you'll progress to Module II



TBT Skeletal Alignment


In this module, you'll learn to align your horses, pets, yourself, and your family with the Tucker BioKinetic Technique so you never need a chiropractor again. 

  • You'll see how to target the primary CAUSE of skeletal and energetic misalignment and correct it while eliminating 'muscle memory".
  • Discover BioKinetic Master Points, their functions (such as biomechanical, neurovascular, etc.), and how you engage them for healing.
  • Find out how your hands can "listen" to what's happening with the body. You will be surprised at how well you can "hear" with BioKinetic.
  • You'll also get Save Your Susensory: The Course so you can learn everything you need to know to heal and prevent this very common and seriously debilitating injury.


By the end of this module, you'll be able to perform a Complete Skeletal Alignment and help with related problems, such as difficulty bending lateral flexion, haunches in or out, suspensory issues, navicular syndrome, club foot, difficulty picking up leads, counter-cantering, cross-firing, head held too high or tipped when riding, short-striding, overreaching, interfering, tripping, cold-backed, cinchy/girthy, bucking, preferring one direction, stiff one direction, won't go one direction, reluctance to go forward, reduced performance such as dropping rails when jumping or going wide on barrels and more!

The seminar is accompanied by a private Facebook group for extra help and follow-up questions. See available dates below.


TBT Alignment Specialist



TBT Complex Systems


In this module, you'll learn about other causes for concern in the horses that could be the primary cause when it is not skeletal. 

  • Understand how nutrition can be the cause of misalignment and what to do about it
  • What is going on that could be the cause of strange swelling and skin issues and how to fix that 
  • Learn how to know when teeth and current dental practices are affecting the biomechanics of the horse
  • Find out the cause of arthritis in a horse so you can know if it's just old age or overuse 
  • How equine splints can also be a sign of something deeper and how to track that down to fix the cause 
  • What you need to know about hoof issues of club feet and the coronary band "bump"
  • You also get the Fix Your Horse's Ulcer Forever Report where you'll learn the simple 5-step system that works every time to cure and prevent ulcers in horses saving you thousands of dollars on “band-aid” treatments



TBT Functional Alignment


In this module, you'll learn to recognize and align internal connections like organs, muscles, arteries, veins, nerves, tendons, cranial-sacral flow, fascia and ligaments so you can heal more than just skeletal problems. 


  • Go beyond skeletal alignment to full functional body alignment including viscera
  • You learn functional alignment so that we can prevent continuous skeletal misalignments, get deeper releases, and treatments last longer, so you don't continue therapy working on the wrong cause
  • You'll be able to get the horse off the trial and error merry-go-round of medications, injections & even surgeries

By the end of this module, you'll be able to help equine problems like immune system issues, diarrhea & constipation, chronic colic, retained testicles, scar tissue, hormone & pregnancy issues. 

The seminar is accompanied by a private Facebook group for extra help and follow-up questions. See available dates below.


TBT Practitioner




TBT Multi-layered Alignment


Horses are made up of body, soul & spirit. In this module, you'll learn how to fix misalignments that are emotional, mental or anything else puzzling healers and horse owners.


  • You'll learn to align body components that are intertwined and get the horse back to healthy and happy. 
  • You'll learn how to heal problems that were thought to be just genetic, permanent or untreatable by traditional or alternative medicines

By the end of this module, you'll be able to help with: DSLD, Excess growth, Chronic Colic, Severe anxiety/spookiness, Depression, Cribbing, Weaving, Strange behaviors, as well as other ailments that have more than one component involved. 

The seminar is accompanied by a private Facebook group for extra help and follow-up questions. See available dates below.


TBT Master Practitioner




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What Students Say About TBT University

97%   Found jobs, if they wanted one.

84%  Raised their fees by 15% or more within one year.

82%  Got increased client referrals, due to excellent results.

48%  Have more work than they can handle.


Susan B

"Dr. Tucker is amazing. From the first day of the Seminar, I could see that she has so thoroughly, intelligently, and independently explored equine anatomy to such depths that she sees the big picture, the individual client profile, and everything in between.

She has, with a touch of genius that I have not seen in any other method or practice of equine bodywork, distilled her experience and knowledge into practical and very effective application."

Susan Bartfay
Blue Ribbon Equine

"I watched with amazement as the horses I worked on under her instruction soften in the eyes, relax, and re-align - all with gentle, non-invasive and very well-informed touch. She demonstrated, explained, and listened equally to the horses and to me.

As a Certified Equine Massage Therapist I was not satisfied with massage because I felt I was not helping the horses enough. Now I am confident that I have the skills to help resolve structural issues instead of just soothe them.

Committing to this seminar has been the best decision I have ever made to empower my practice and express my love for horses. Thank you, Renee, for your generosity, dedication, patience, and unflagging focus. It has been a great pleasure working with you!"

Nancy Horne MMCP, CEMP

"For those interested in this work - I encourage you to attend and promise you that you will be totally blown away before lunch the first day! This technique is that powerful!!! I've studied lots of intense modalities - Renee's work is unique & astounding. The reason I want more people to take this course is because I want to recommend you to others - so many horses need this, & their owners, & dogs etc. too!"

Ready to Heal Horses With the Tucker BioKinetic Technique?

Now is the perfect time to add to your skill set, start a new career or just save money on your own vet and chiro bills.